Journey to Thirty

An Overdue Welcoming Party

Chewing gum, sledding, peanut butter, new book smell, coffee, soccer games, and sleeping in. These are some things that are going through my brain at the current moment. I have no idea why, but they just are going through my brain. It’s constant too. It never stops. I sometimes wish it would, but if I am being completely honest I like that things just rattle through my brain like a ping pong.

I keep trying to focus my crazy ideas down to one, but I sure am trying. They say to be successful you need to be focused on a certain theme or something that you are passionate about. To some extent I do believe that is true, but what I don’t think most people realize or that they forget that being human means you really can’t be completely focused. I tell ya I wish I could be super focused in on one story line or whatever because it then might be easier for people to read or understand what I am saying. Alas, I just want to convey the daily struggle of staying on topic.

Surprisingly I do have some sort of topic to stay on. Something that I know quite a bit about and that I am, to put it plainly, in love with. Oh, wait I take it back there are so many topics I want to cover, but I will first say it’s soccer. The world’s sport! The greatest sport on the planet. I am literally laughing out loud because I know I can hear people’s brain just turning trying to figure out some sort of comeback to the fact that I out right said that soccer is the greatest sport in the world. It’s so true though. If you are American I truly am sorry for this news you are currently reading. I am American yes, but by birth.

There are so many other wonderful topics of discussion. I can tell you a lot about how to keep a house clean, and I can also get dropped anywhere and find my way home. These are only a few of my many skills. I like to think of my skills as secret weapons. They are things you can’t really put on a resume, but they are some of the most useful tools that keep you alive. I love to problem solve. Thinking outside of the box, literally and figuratively.

I can meet someone and about 10 minutes later know their personality. I can tell if they are the type of person I want to spend time around. Will I benefit from a friendship such as theirs? These are questions that I ask myself quite often, and I do believe that others should too. Back to being a problem solver. I have always been the kid that is given a task and finds innovative ways to get it done. I like to be efficient but also get the job done well. Okay, this is true half of the time. Who am I kidding, I pick and choose what I am going to be efficient with. I try very hard to enjoy certain tasks but you can’t always have fun with grocery shopping.

I love to journal. For me it is really like I am dumping my brain onto the pages. I don’t have any organization whatsoever when I am journaling because I don’t want to think about what it is I am writing and just get it out of my brain. I stress write a lot. I could really go for a cup of coffee even though it is almost midnight. Night owl I am. I have work in the morning, and from there I will say to myself….only two days until my 1 day weekend. It’s never worth it I say. I want my full weekend back. I thank my mother for my love of coffee.

I thank my father for my stubbornness and my will to work hard and be great. Both of my parents gave me the necessary tools to be a hard worker. I love them for that.

Okay, I am starting to bore myself of all this dumb talk. I have too many things to think about right now. Like sleep and how much I need it.

Eat some ice cream and skip down the sidewalk while you still can.


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