Family is everything

T-minus one week until I go back to Florida to see my family. Only one week until the crazy begins yet again. One week until the house is crowded yet again and you don’t necessarily have a moment alone. There will be arguments about which movie we should watch or what game we should play.

Living in Nashville I have so much time to think and be on my own. It’s not the worst thing ever. I am introvert by nature so the time to gather my thoughts and re-charge is much needed. I always enjoy my time when I go back home to Florida and spend time with family, but it always pushes me to become more patient than I ever thought I could be.

How do people transition from being independent and doing your own thing to going home for a week or two around your entire family?

The best part about my family is that we all get along. I mean we are family so there is the occasional argument or whatever, but all in all we love each other and it’s all thanks to my incredible parents.

Okay, this post is now too long. Will update soon. Looking forward to coffee.
And seeing my niece, Charlotte. She’s awesome.

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