Journey to Thirty

Local Businessman set the pace

The stressful moments we have as humans are completely normal. The terrible days and the worst possible moments in your life happen. Of course it’s the worst and yes, I don’t think it should happen to anyone. BUT the real test of your character is how you react. When you react in a positive way it not only makes the situation slightly easier to deal with, but you are setting a good example for those watching.

I can’t tell you how many times I want to stand up and scream at someone. Okay, it doesn’t really happen, but I get super frustrated super quick sometimes. When I get this way I usually have to have a mini pep talk internally with myself to get my sh*t together.

When I put pen to paper about anything and everything that is happening in that moment, I can feel some of the weight being lifted off my chest and shoulders. You have to find a healthy way to release all frustration or you will not only destroy yourself but others around you.

This photo at the top is my view when I sit outsides and journal on a break from work. I am never alone as there are many of tourists walking around or your local businessman grabbing a coffee or lunch. The steady pace of the day is comforting that life does in fact go on, and if I don’t pick myself out of the slump it will pass me by.

Nothing funny happened to me today other than the fact that I woke up super late. That’s just typical.


Also, my tagline for this post “local businessman set the pace” I really don’t know what I was talking about. I just thought of it so therefore I wrote it.

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