Bundesliga is my Boyfriend

Bundesliga season has begun and my boys are starting their season against Wolfsburg. I love German soccer. There is something so wonderful about the technicality of the game. I dream of seeing a match in person at Signal Iduna Park, and seeing the yellow wall in all of its glory.

Can we talk about the Christian Pulisic?? In my opinion he is the present and future of the USA national team. Oh right we are talking Borussia!! I still think he is the future of the club. I don’t think Christian would be the player he is today if he would have stayed in the United States and started his career either with college or even MLS. He is playing with and against the best footballers in the world at this moment. I am born and raised American, but until we can sign up and coming great footballers instead of were the greatest we are going to be second to the European leagues.

Soccer/Football is so much more than stats and championships. It’s culture and it’s the people. The feeling you get when you wake up the morning of game day. I still have the feeling no matter where I am. I get this overwhelming sense of emotion that I am not sure if I am going to cry, laugh, or burst out into a chant. It’s pride. It’s the first time I ever kicked a soccer ball. We never really grow up, we just find a new way to express that childlike love for the game.


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