Soccer or Fashion

I love living in Nashville. There are so many great sights and sounds as you stroll the streets. I am learning that fashion is very important, and I am truly behind at this. For as long as I can remember in my fashion in life has been “is it comfortable?” and “is it under $20?” I am trying to be more creative in my fashion…whatever the heck that means.

I can’t even blame the whole fashion thing on me not knowing what good fashion is. I just am too lazy or whatever. I guess being 28 and single I should get my act together and really step up my creative game with the clothes. There are days when I know that I should dress nicer, but then I always think ‘why would I change and hide my true self with fashion’?

While I am writing this post about fashion I am looking at my mini soccer ball thinking about what tricks I could learn with it. I can’t stay focused on fashion for too long. So long for now, I am going to watch a 90’s Disney movie.


(New bedspread from Ikea)

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