Journey to Thirty

Hi Mom!

There is one person in this world that I can go to to get encouragement and advice that is always right on the money. My mother is basically the human version of a superhero. She is the reason I am the human I am today. We are different in so many ways, but the woman she is and the way she tackles adversity is somewhat of an artful masterpiece.

For those people in the world that have never met my mother, you are missing out on the greatest cooking and the kindest human that has ever graced the earth. She has given life to 5 pretty awesome humans. I can say that because I am one of those humans. The middle child is the title I hold, and I am pretty excited about it. She married young and never gave up. She learned not only how to grow in love, but she taught us kids the important lessons of life. We learned to clean, respect others, and to take every thought captive as we go through the changes of life and culture.

I can’t say that I was the best child growing up, but with the reigning title of “most challenging child” I got a little extra attention and learned almost too many life lessons. The beauty of becoming an adult and also having awesome parents is that they become your friend. In my case, my mom is one of my best friends. I know what my parents are going to say before it leaves their mouth. I guess it’s from all those talks that I had when I was a kid.

I love my mom. She is my constant encouragement on a bad day, and also tells it like it is. I could dedicate every post to my mom and never run out of material. So here’s to you mom! Raise your glass, with your drink of choice, and cheers the women role models in your life for the way they boldly live. We need more women who demand greatness by their actions and not by their empty words or promises. Change takes time and we must not rush it.

Also, I love my job so much. We like to have fun and take back to school photos, and so I wanted to give a shout out to mom!

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