Journey to Thirty

365 Days and Counting

The major story in my life recently is my one year anniversary of living in Nashville. November 21st was my first official full day of living here and it still feels like I moved here yesterday. There was a lot of patience and a whole lot of tears to get me here to Nashville. When I try and think about what I have learned in a year or anything major to pinpoint just how major the move was for me, well I can’t. I know that sounds a little crazy, but I think about how unsure I was when I first moved here and how I never thought I would last or even that I would make friends.


Here I am one year later. I have friends, well I consider them family. I know my way around the city and I even know back roads and local places.  I have favorite restaurants and I have favorite drives. I am not the same girl who drove into Nashville a year ago. I am more confident in who I am and what I can do. I still hold onto to some of my old ways such as loving to sleep in on weekends, but I think it is necessary after working 40 hours.


I am a better human because of Nashville, and because of the people in this city. Change is important not always, but knowing when to change is key. We grow every day and in which direction is our choice. I made the choice to plant some roots in a city where music flows freely down the streets, and around every corner is a beautiful story waiting to be told. I can’t express enough how much I love this city, and how grateful I am that the Lord opened this giant door for me.

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