Journey to Thirty


A goal I have had for a while, but never knew how or if I am being honest I just didn’t have the energy or will power to do it. I am reading the Bible in its entirety this year. Each day I am reading a couple chapters, and from there I plan on finish the year reading the entire Bible. I am not starting from Genesis. I read a little of different books.

While reading today I am struggling to stay focused and just enjoy what I am reading. I already am a distracted soul so while reading Exodus I am looking for every possible distraction possible.

I will say that reading these stories and moments that happened so long ago give such light to the world I live in today. I am extremely grateful for the constant love and grace I receive on a daily basis. The best part about this is how much I don’t deserve any of what I have, but I still wake up with blankets over me and coffee just waiting to be made.

I hope to keep this in perspective while I read and while I learn.

Okay, this post started in my mind as more of making fun of the fact that I still feel like I am high school doing homework. I am meant to do something but all the while I am looking around the room to find something to distract me. This happens when I am at work as well.

It’s been a while, but 2018 is going to be one to remember. What I mean by that is that in some way or another there will be an event that will make this year special. Probably that it is my last year being a twenty year old.

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