Journey to Thirty

Spring is around the corner and that means exploring new trails and waterfalls. Don’t mind me while I chase some waterfalls. I want to lay in a field where the stars shine brightest and magic is in the air.

I have so many words I want to say about perfect moments, but the fact of the matter is that they don’t exist. As much as I want to hold onto this theory that I can actually achieve the perfect moment is insane. The magical moment doesn’t technically exist. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make awesome memories because I am all about that. I just mean that we can’t plan how our life goes.

Take the chance in that you may just have the best day of your life. You may get to make the best memories. The unplanned memories are the absolutely best. They are filled with laughs and sometimes tears.

I think I am over emotional because I watched about 12 episodes of This Is Us today so I could catch up.

You wanna know something weird. I can sit in my bed and write this and see the Kroger sign that is across the street. Just in case you were wondering what kind of view I have. A grocery store, which basically means I am constantly thinking of some food I could be munching on.

I need to figure out how to wrap things up. Take chances. Be bold. Make unforgettable memories.

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