Journey to Thirty


The day I found a screw in my tire.

The random thoughts of what is going to happen when I turn 30. (shrug) What can I do with just over 300 days until I turn 30 and how can that mean something.
Journey to Thirty is in full force. I have about a million questions for myself though.

  1. Like what the heck is my end goal?
  2. Where do I want to be when I am 30? – I think happy is a good thing
  3. I can’t let go the desire of wanting to write a book, about everything and nothing. Because life is all of that. It’s random moments, unexpected spills and planned mistakes.

So this Journey to Thirty is all about washing off the past and the sadness and failures. Looking toward the future and this “fresh start” of what a new decade can bring.

Woah, 30 is going to happen. (grabs self through mirror and shakes me)

I am here discovering my  heart and soul.

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